Networking partners

The following businesses are unconditionally recommended by SafeMeasure as providing quality, ethical occupational health and safety advice and training. In some circumstances, they are our direct competitor, however, quality can never be denied in OHS matters! When contracts are won, one-way-or-another, these folk interact within the network of committed SSHE practitioners who aim to deliver SSHE systems that are as 'good as it gets'... All the practitioners aim to deliver the best possible service at the best possible price...

Safety Plus Risk Management Services

Phone: 02 9816 1164

Fax: 02 9817 0703

Safety Plus provide an excellent range of services spanning Australia. Along with a its range of regular safety training and audit skills, the business provides consultation on injury management, including first aid auditing and training. The company also regularly presents public courses in OHS, both for training and information purposes. You can visit their website for a list of public courses in various OHS disciplines, plus check how you can enrol in 'distance learning' courses.


Phone: 9573 0933

Visit the IS website:

Services include security consultation and training, incident investigations and provision of 'expert witnesses'.


Phone: 9411 1764

Visit the website:

Skilled in environmental issues and their resolution. Satisfied customers include various councils, golf clubs, etc. Auditing capabilities include EPA conformance issues.


SADLY Peter Pitcher passed away - but his name lives on! He was a strong humanist dedicated to achieving safety for all... VALE PETER!


Audiometric software and test devices

Established in Sydney in 1983, Biotronic is a recognised leader in audiometric equipment and software. Biotronic can provide you with the Testing Hardware and Software when it comes to hearing conservation programmes. In your environment Hearing Loss is preventable, and Biotronic can help you assess and manage your risks and establish a safe environment.

Go visit! Web address:


Phone: 0410 948 265

Fax: 02 9439 2157

And... visit the website:

The name says it all! Planning for the possibility of an accident is part of the Best Practice of any organisation. ECS delivers training, auditing and specialist advice in all areas of emergency control, including fire and evacuation systems, and first aid and injury management.


PHONE:02 9368 0058

FAX: 02 9368 0056

Hostec provides recruitment, training, and industrial relations advice particulary for the hospitality industry.

You can visit their website at:


PHONE: 02 9279 4499

FAX: 02 9279 4488

Operating in the industry for thirty years, Future Media provides a comprehensive range of training resources to meet the learning and development goals of all organisations. From pre-packaged video training programmes, to the preparation of industry-specific, tailor-made (including video and software production) packages, Future Media is a dedicated production house.

You can visit their website at:

GETEX Pty. Ltd.

Phone: 02 9889 2488

Fax: 02 9889 2499

Web address:

Getex Pty. Ltd. provides an extraordinarily skilled range of hygienist services - including a fully rated NATA laboratory - to assist businesses identify, assess and control hazards and risks asociated with environmental issues such as hazardous substances contamination, noise and radiation issues, and airborne particulate, viral and bacteria issues. GETEX prides itself in careful and appropriate management of such issues, and enabling all parties to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

World Institute for Security Enhancement (WISE)

Phone: +1.702.722.7779

5840-120 West Graig Street, Suite 219, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89130, USA

Web address:

Executive Director G.F. Bryant and his team offer everything - EVERYTHING - in the realm of international security and Client protection, including coaching, manpower and hardware. The team include very discreet security personnel with highest capabilities. A visit to the WISE website will give you the direction you need to fulfill your requirements.

Links to other useful sites

The following web addresses are included on our site simply because we have found them to deliver the goods! They are of real, practical use, and are 'straight-shooting' in matters of relating to the saving of lives and limbs!

We trust you, also, will find them useful, and learn to apply the knowledge they so freely impart.

Good hunting! Visit the homesite of the Safety Institute of Australia, and perhaps consider the benefits of joining!�The Institute enrols members from all walks of life, and also includes an opportunity to enter a grading system that recognises (and is recognised for) professional development. Visit the home of the New Zealand Government Ocuupational Safety and Health site. In particular, enjoy Dr. Aargh's Little Workshop of Horrors... This is sometimes considered the 'Big Daddy' of OHS sites. The USA's Occupational Safey and Health Administration site. Worth visiting before any changes in US political direction, since it may affect what appears AFTER the change... From the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, a search engine of safety to truly whet the inquisitive safety appetite. Make sure you visit the "Index of Occupatinal Safety and Health Resources on the Internet" - great stuff from all over the world, and includes both government and private sites of use to the safety practitioner. The site offers an overview of issues affectng employers and employees in the Australian state of New South Wales. WorkCover is the NSW Government's OHS authority and enforcement agency. Australian Federal Government's "National OHS Commission's site". Find out what the Feds have to say! Want to know about Australia's legislation? This is the site for you! Hosted by the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII).

Reading matter

The following books and materials are reference works we have found useful. There are many reference works available, and we mention these particular ones as outstanding value for the succinct way the safety material is presented.

There are valuable data available from the various government bookstores and industry and union bodies, and good quality information is often provided by suppliers hopeful of your business - at no charge. Cast your net widely in the desire for health, safety and welfare knowledge, and do not be hindered by political colour. We are after information that may save lives and must learn to withhold judgement until we have checked all the evidence. Even then, it is well to remember we are only as safe as the last hazard identified. What the future holds: anyone's guess!

However, take heart! In typing this bibliography into the computer, I could not help but notice how 'old' some of this stuff is, but good general health and safety principles do stand the test of time... For example, click here...


Bawa, Joanna The Computer User's Health Handbook Souvenir Press, London, 1994.

Bever, David Safety: a Personal Focus Mosby, St. Louis, 1996

Brooks, Adrian Occupational Health and Safety Law in Australia CCH, North Ryde, 1995 (Reprint - and probably being updated to accomodate major changes in recent times.)

Faith, Nicholas Blaze, the Forensics of Fire Channel Four Books, Macmillan Publishers, London, 1999.

Grantham, David Occupational Health and Hygiene - Guidebook for the WHSO Occu-link Books, Indooroopilly, 1992. (WHSO stands for 'Workplace Health and Safety Officer - mandatory in workplaces in Queensland where the workforce is 50 or more persons.)

Homer (Translated by E.V. Rieu) The Odyssey Penguin, Harmondsworth,1946. (Read the wonderful application of risk management of the sea sirens...)

Kruithof, John; Ryall, Jeff The Quality Standards Handbook The Business Library, Melbourne, 1994.

Maher, Gary Investigating Made Simple Joshua Books, Maroochydore, 2004. This is a really good book - proably the best on the market for its price and its easily understood information. Visit Gary's website: Highly recommended.
Mathews, John Health and Safety at Work Pluto Press, Leichhardt, 1994.
Mouatt, Christopher A L Implementing ISO�9000 and ISO 14000 McGraw Hill, Roseville, 1997.
Slater, Lauren Opening Skinners Box W. W. Norton New York & London 2004. This a great text to get a handle on some of the great psychological experiments you probably would have heard of but not understood! Lauren has a great way of making the inaccessible accessible. Highly recommended reading.
Stewart, Mark G. & Melchers, Robert E. Probabalistic Risk Assessment of Engineering Systems Chapman and Hall, South Melbourne, 1997. If you need empirical calculation in a project, you would be hard-pressed to improve on this very useful book. An engineer's delight and highly recommended.
Tooma, Michael Tooma's Annotated Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 NSW�Lawbook Co. (a Thomson Company), Pyrmont, 2001. An excellent book on the reading and application of NSW OHS law. Michael also has a similar tome on the Victorian OHS legislation. Highly recommended.
Tooma, Michael Safety, Security, Health and Environment Law The Federation Press, Annandale, 2008. Another excellent book from Michael Tooma. It has some very useful case studies lifted from real cases in Australia. This should be in every SSHE practitioner's bookcase - including YOURS!!!
I should emphasise Michael Tooma (currently a partner at legal firm, Norton-Rose) has demonstrated a high level of humanitarian awareness for international workplaces, and his works are deserving of international attention. Michael is a highly valued contributor to Safety Institute of Australia functions, and his contributions are always aimed at 'best practice'.

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