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There are a number of useful documents created by Safe Measure staff embedded in the site. Try the following:

Our opener, of course, is our free generic safety manual (mentioned elsewhere with much more ado!) Over 260 pages of info! GO!

Our so-called 'Book of Triangles' has a range of oddments suitable for HR and OHS practitioners. The triangles are designed to provide stimulation for growth toward bigger and better things. (As we emphasise time and again: "Inspiration plus Information achieves the GOAL" - but it must be done in that order... Provide Inspiration and folk will put a lot more effort into obtaining information to achieve the Goal. We see our simple triangles as providing the seeds...) GO!

In the very near future, we are putting our investigation package up - hopefully later in May 2008 - WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


Geoff McDonald Papers

Geoff is a long-standing, and respected, member of the Safety Institute of Australia. He operates a safety consultancy in Queensland (Geoff McDonald and Associates Pty. Ltd., 11 Medinah Court, Cornubia, QUEENSLAND 4130 Phone: 07 3803 5252; e-mail: He has presented the following papers at SIA functions over the past few years, and I have the privilege to include them here. Anyone needing a solid foundation from which to argue the case for safety is well advised to read these papers!

Paper one is from SIA proceedings of October 2006 - Click!

Paper two is from SIA proceedings of October 2007 - Click!!

Paper three is from SIA proceedings of February 2008 - Click!!!


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