This is SafeMeasure's homesite for Occupational Health and Safety.

Based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, we offer the following safety solutions for a variety of business areas, including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, entertainment and care industries.

Of special concern to us is the training of personnel from all levels within an organisation, including Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and First-rung Employees.

Our pricing structure is straight forward and allows for easy calculations.

Contact us via email and a representative will call for an obligation-free discussion of how we may serve your safety needs.

Before looking at OHS management systems - or any systems for that matter - here is a wise quote from quality specialist, Christopher Mouatt:

"1 There is no perfect system.

2 No one system suits everyone.

3 Systems are suitable or unsuitable, better or worse; systems are never good or bad.

4 If the system doesn't work, fix it.

5 It is better to change a poor system, than to put up with it.

6 Systems that do not evolve, do not survive."

Mouatt, C.A.L. Implementing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 McGraw-Hill, Roseville, 1997, p.4.

Therefore, in the interest of continual improvement, our site undergoes review and restructure from time to time.

We try to include useful, albeit simple, techniques and advice of use to teachers and trainers, as well as human resource and safety specialists.

Stay in touch!

In the meantime, our usual training and consulting services are available for you, including:


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