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SafeMeasure offers the following in training courses and consultation:

WorkCover NSW 5 day HSR course, plus 1 day refresher Other handy courses include: Senior Executive Briefing WHS Awareness to suit specialised industry Fire and Evacuation Procedures First Aid Courses adapted to suit the specific workplace Environmental awareness courses, including spill-kit training Security procedures (varying levels) Incident investigation procedures Consulting Services A range of advisory services which includes: Audit of existing systems (we use the Division of Health and Safety, Queensland "Tri Safe Management Systems Audit" and the Victorian "safetyMAP" audit tools, as foundations to audits, but can adapt other systems to suit as required. Note that clicking on the Trisafe link will take you to the Queensland Government site to access a full download of this handy document. The "safetyMAP"tool can accessed from the Victorian Government's site for a fee. Preparation of initial policies and procedures. (Note we do not recommend over-dependence on the use of external auditors such as ourselves at an early stage. We would rather assist you to set-up an OHS committee of your own personnel, then provide general guidance and assistance. This ensures greater ownership regarding outcomes, and also adds to the team-spirit so necessary for good quality OHS. At SafeMeasure, we believe quality safety awareness depends on a strong foundation in the individual workplace... and ask: "What is the use of a foundation for your house being dug on someone else's property?" Give your team a chance to participate in the foundation work, then there is a far greater and stronger understanding of how to evolve with the safety system.) Broadly, SafeMeasure offers analysis, systems and training in the following disciplines: WHS, Emergency procedures (including fire, first-aid and evacuation), Environmental procedures, Security procedures, and Incident investigation (to 'expert witness' level). Our team-members take pride in their work, but are also knowledgeable enough to connect you to the right professionals for the job if it is considered beyond our scope. If we don't know, we can certainly find out who does!