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TRAINING SESSION: is the consideration we must give to the delivery of the package to fulfil the training need.


HOW: will the training session be delivered? It may be appropriate to use a computer generated system. EG there are easy-to-follow, inter-active computer programmes available to teach a variety of machine and office tasks. These can often be understood and practiced by the trainee, then followed through by the supervisor in a hands-on exercise. Face-to-face sessions with relevant trainers will be of use in the majority of cases, but do look into the inter-active package. Included in method of delivery, of course, is the choice of an appropriate trainer. Are they experienced in the particular package of information they are delivering or have they 'bought it off the shelf' and have no actual experience in the application of the product? Costs associated with training in some areas may be reduced by approaching companies selling goods and services to us and asking 'what training can you supply us?" EG cleaning materials suppliers will supply training sessions on the use of their product; fire equipment suppliers may give staff a 'hands-on' demo of the fire protection gear.


WHERE: will we send our team for training? Do we want it done inhouse? Is there a suitable facility which allows for easy access of relevant equipment? Is there a facility which has all the training necessities on hand? Do we need a quiet place, far from interruptions? Are there adequate toilet and refreshment facilities? Is there any part of the course likely to need special ventilation? Heating? Cooling? Lighting? Are tables needed? Is any part of the course out-doors? Is the seating arrangement sufficient for the amount of time allocated for the course? EG Some courses may be legislative requirements and have a minimum amount of time allocated to them. The NSW Government's WorkCover Construction Induction course has a five hour minimum face-to-face allocated to it. If you plan to have twenty (the maximum number prescribed by WorkCover to attend any one training session) builder's labourers packed into a standard site shed for that time: forget it! Make a place comfortable and conducive to the passing on of information.


WHEN: will the training be carried out? Have we taken into account shifts? Is there overtime to consider? Are there factors such as school holidays/public holidays to consider? Is there the possibility of rain affecting the course? Daylight? Intense sunshine? Are we being unrealistic to expect someone who started work at 6am to remain at work to attend an extra 4 or more hours of training later in the afternoon? Is there a brass band scheduled to rehearse in the room next door?


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