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STRESS: a subjective state that may be induced by the influence of abnormal mental or abnormal physical pressure.

The term is usually used in context of DISTRESS, but may be used in a positive context (eg the thrill of achieving a goal in one's life is a STRESS of an enjoyable nature).


VULNERABILITY: weaknesses in the system and how 'hazardous' the situation to be faced? What doorways to hazardous situations exist? Are there conflicts inherant to the task? Are barriers 'down' which might normally be 'up'? Familiarity with task leading to complacency?


PERSONALITY: the coping skills of the individual and the individual's sense of self and esteem; the way strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) are perceived; attitudes.


ENVIRONMENT: the external surroundings and standpoints and the way they impinge on the task to be carried out; elements of heat and cold, atmospheric contaminants, etc.


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