Service 1

GOAL: what are you setting out to achieve? Where is the target and what is required to get there?

INSPIRE: the first step toward achieving the goal. Are you and your team motivated to put energy toward achieving the goal? Has a genuine consensus and commitment been made by all concerned?

INFORM: yourself - and your team.

Is there prior information regarding the job?

Do you know where to go to get information?

Has sufficient information been supplied?

Can the information be easily understood or do you need technical or language translation?

Are you trained in the task(s)?

Is the data up-to-date?

INITIATE: the bringing together of human skills and engineered resources to create goods or services.

Is there a clear understanding of what to do?

Are you capable of clear action?

Are there plans for contingency actions?

Do you know of any physical and/or mental inabilities?

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